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Data Aggregation
and Analysis

Optimize agricultural data management: track crops, resources, and finances with efficient systems. Utilize analytics for insightful decision making on trends, challenges, and opportunities.

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Maintain transparent communication with investors, suppliers, and customers. Share updates on farm performance, challenges, and future plans, fostering trust and accountability.

Intergated management

Management Solution

Optimize your small or midsize farm with Telagri, an integrated solution. Streamline operations, stay informed, and enhance decision-making for better business management

Your Farm's Accountability Journey

We believe that anyone can start a successful farm and make a decent living doing it. And we will show you how.

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With Telagri, you can manage, control, and analyze your farm’s finances. All in one platform.


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TAO provides information, knowledge, finance, management and markets through its intentionally linked modules. It supports much more towards a path for particpants to live the good and fulfilled life through agriculture.


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